Birds project was born in Spring of 2016 on a rooftop of Exarcheia neighborhood, Athens, watching the horizon and the birds flying towards the sunset of the city. There, it came the idea to fill the rooftops with the dreams of the inhabitants for their neighborhood.

It is an artistic project that wants to activate the rooftops of the buildings and turn them into a collective place. We begin from the level of the street with a study that outlines the general atmosphere of the neighborhood, talking to people and collecting stories.

Our aim is to create a unique event/celebration together with the residents and the people who love the neighborhood, which will be realized for one day at the time of the sunset. The experience is based on a synchronized movement toward the rooftops, from where we will listen to the city, we will reflect our position within it and we will express ourselves.

The project, halfway through, was supported by the European organisation ECF in the context of the program Moving Communities.