The intense experience is the key for the rupture of the imaginary. When someone experiences a unique experience, it is inscribed in his/her memory because of the intense feeling that he/she felt…and so the experienced space is transformed into a place, the rooftop into a rooftopos.

For one day, we invite the people that live in Exarcheia to go up on their rooftop, each one alone, together with other residents from their apartment building or with their friends, to appropriate the space of the terrace, to free their imagination and to turn the rooftop into a rooftopo, temporarily or more permanent, as they imagine!

The goal is to create a unique event/celebration for all the residents of the neighborhood, for those who love it and for those who want to support the project that will take place at the sunset. It consists of one stage of preparation and three stages on the day of the event.

For the stage of the preparation, we ask the residents from each building to host one musician on their rooftop. At the same time, we invite them to go up on their rooftop at the time of the music event to experience this unique moment and, if they wish to actively participate by creating their own actions.

For the three stages on the day of the event it is important the synchronization of the people, meaning, to go all up at the same time. After the end of the music event, we invite the people to meet all together at the rooftop of VOX Cinema in order to share our experience, to discuss issues related to the neighborhood and to close the day with a celebration.

If you want to participate, please, follow the following stages:


(0) Hosting + Creation

i) Would you like to host a musician on your rooftop?

The hospitality of the residents will support the creation of a unique musical event. We would like in each rooftop in the area of Exarchia to be a musician. Because of the close distance of the buildings, each musician will be able to listen to the other musicians on the opposite side and all together to create a soundscape. The music that they will play will be atmospheric and experimental and it will be consisted mainly by natural musical instruments.

In order to communicate the project to the residents of your building and to ask for permission to host a musician, please, download the invitation/call and attach it from the inside of the main entrance of your building. Additionally, you can talk to your landlord or to the resident who lives at the last floor. Download, the invitation/call here.

ii) What would you like to do at the time of the musical event on your rooftop?

We invite you to take things with you from your home or elsewhere in order to appropriate your rooftop, to participate in the musical event and to enjoy the sunset. Suggest.

DAY OF THE EVENT, 1st of June:


(1)(at-) Synchronized movement
1st of June, at 20:11 exactly we invite you to go up at your rooftop.

(2)(manifestation) Soundscape-experience

For one hour! Enjoy! Play! Create! Relax! Listen to! Think! Share!...The way that the musical event will finish you we will announce it but you will also understand it. Λήξη μουσικής εκδήλωσης 21:11.

(3)(celebration) Meeting-sharing

After the end of the musical event, we invite you to meet all together at the rooftop of VOX Cinema in order to share what we imagined and experienced. We hope that the musicians will lead us to the meeting place by playing live music through the streets of the neighborhood! In the meeting we would like to begin with sharing some thought and feelings from our experience, then to talk for some issue related to the neighborhood and to close the day with dance and celebration.

We plan to meet on the rooftop of VOX Cinema at 21:41.

Address: Themistokleous 82

The stages for the structure of the event-celebration are based on the stages of rituals and are used symbolically. The event-celebration that we suggest is a gesture of love and strength towards us, towards our fellow humans and the place that unites us that aims at:

The recognition and the connection of the people that care for something that they have in common, in another level beyond their political beliefs and social segregations.
The immediacy of the people to participate in a common experience.
Τhe importance of co-creation and expression.



For safety reasons, only the residents of each building are invited to go up on the rooftop, except if they have agreed between themselves differently, meaning, if they wish to invite friends.

Each participant has personal responsibility for their participation and their safety.


We ask for the understanding of the residents of the neighborhood for the musical intervention. In addition, the whole event will be documented with cameras from a distance and we ask for the consensus of the people of the area and of the participants.

Thank you for imagining with us*