We imagine musicians to be scattered on different rooftops who will play for all of us and they will accompany the sunset and the rise of the moon. Each rooftop will have one musician, who will play simultaneously. The idea is the musicians to follow a time-table that we will have prepared, but also to improvise by listening each other. The aim is to create an atmospheric ambient in which the melody and the discordance will be desirable elements of the whole experience.

In this context, we would like to integrate the concept of neighborhood and the relationship among the people who live in the same place, as a topic for experimentation for all the musicians. With this we mean: as the neighbors are called to live in a common place based on respect, acceptance and tolerance between each other, as such we think the interaction among the musicians. When does someone play music and when does he/she lets the others to be listened? When all together allow a creative vacuum? Concepts such as “symphonia” (agreement), “accompaniment” and “disagreement” are key words upon which we invite the musicians to free their imagination and to take us with them, as individuals and as a whole, into a unique journey. We are looking for the hidden harmony*

Meetings with the musicians will be arranged for more information.

Some elements that we can share with you so far.

- There will be a guideline for the improvisation and a time-table that we will ask from the musicians to follow in order to achieve a synchronization.

- We would like the musical event to be based mainly on music instruments that have strong natural sound, meaning, that do not need sound amplification such as percussions and wind instruments and other. Afterwards, we will try to guarantee some rooftops with electricity and sound equipment. Thus, for now there is no provision for technical equipment, but we have a lot of energy and a few resources to support you.

- We would be really glad to have musicians who are interested in voice and singing (solo and polyphonic).

- Electronic sounds are more than welcome ideally to function as musical carpet and to support a crescendo.

- If you have your own sound equipment such as amplifiers, microphones or speakers and you could participate with them it would be really helpful.

- We would like after the end of the musical event to gather all together at the rooftop of VOX Cinema to share our experience and to celebrate. We are asking from the musicians who play with natural musical instruments to play in the streets as they come and to lead us to ground what we experienced on the rooftops.

- We encourage the musicians to ask for permission in their own rooftop if they live in Exarchia, or, to ask their friends who live in the area in order to host them on their rooftops.