“The structure of a place is not a constant eternal state. As a rule, places are changing, but that does not mean that the “genious loci”, the spirit of the place, is lost.”
(The Spirit of the Place, Norberg-Schulz Christian)

The study that we follow is divided into two levels: a first level inside the team and another one towards the neighborhood. At the first level we study theory and practice – how theoretical approaches respond to actions and how actions become food for thought. In this process the boundaries between the individual and the team are constantly blurred, as concepts such as acceptance and tolerance are redefined and gradually crystallized. As far as the neighborhood level is concerned, our study gathers information through interviews and narrations, questionnaires and active observation. We are talking and interviewing people who we think that have important views about the neighborhood to share, we gather stories, we share questionnaires, we read articles, we observe assemblies and participate actively in them.