The project ek-kinite* by Paris Legakis.

In the current moment the birds are:
Daphni Sofianopoulou
Eleni Mastrogeorgopoulou
Pandora Giamalidou
Paris Legakis

* The concept of “Archê”

The word initiate means begin and relates to the concept of “archê”. The meaning of this concept is twofold: on one hand it means “to begin” (αρχή), and on the other it means “to rule” (Άρχω). The difference between the two concepts is that Archê understood as “to rule” indicates a hierarchical position that determines the relationship with others, while the archê as “to begin” indicates movement towards one direction.

We consciously choose to work on the notion of “archê” approached as “to begin” rather than as “to rule”, and to study the limits between the two concepts at a practical level. We use the term of ek-kinitis (initiator & mover) to distinguish it from that of “initiator” and to state two things: first, that this project begun from the idea of an individual and secondly, that the same person wanted to move the process towards one direction. We detect, therefore, a process that does not closely follow the dipoles of hierarchical or horizontal structure. We are trying out something else.

This for us, as a team, until now it means:
All the members of the team work on the basis of isaxia (equal value), which for us it means that everyone’s opinion worth and is listened the same. We separate the isaxia from equality to the extend that people are not equal between each other due to sociopolitical conditions, but worth the same.
The ekkinitis has more responsibility for the direction of the project and the progress of the team. He takes initiatives and suggests next steps that are being put forward for discussion.
Each team member has individual responsibility for the evolvement of the team and the project. They take initiatives that need to be approved by the initiator.
Decisions are taken by consensus, which means that there is freedom of expression and encouragement for it.
The process is based on trustparency.